General Camp Programs

Additional Camp Programs

During week days we offer 6 program hours a day of general camp activities and riding programs. One day a week, usually Saturday, is a bit different. The riding program offers trail rides and practice riding in place of the instructional classes. General camp activities are held in the morning only.

The afternoon, after rest hour is held for an all camp activity. This is a similar to an evening program, but more in-depth, as the game will last for several hours rather than an hour. The Program usually follows a theme and takes a large amount of preparation by the Cedar Lodge staff. Examples of programs are: Water carnival, Frontier days, Gold rush, Pterodactyl hunt, The Murder Mystery, Survivor, Relays, Forth Of July Celebration, Team Building Etc. Campers are put in groups of varying abilities and ages and team work, good times and cooperation are stressed at all times. It is not important to us who wins or loses, as much as it is that the campers, that sometimes may not get a chance to interact day to day, because of differing interests, get to work and interact with other campers. We believe this is important to keeping Cedar Lodge as a big family-type atmosphere. The games are geared so that all campers will have a chance to shine with their varying skills. The games can be a little crazy and a lot of creative, but mostly, they are fun!!!!


Sunday is a bit slower day of the week. Campers have a bit of a “sleep in” Fewer activities are planned and are usually manned by several counselors to assure that staff being pulled away because of the addition of new campers will not effect the activity. Campers are required to go to their bunk directly after breakfast and do a thorough cleaning of their cabin unit. Campers that have no visitors coming and are not leaving are often grouped together in the afternoon for ice cream, or a trip to the flea market, or afternoon games. Sunday dinner is a cook out at the beach featuring grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Sunday evening is begun with a sit down of all new campers for the rules of camp, followed by a group building game and staff introductions.

Though Cedar Lodge guarantees that the list of programs that have their own page in Camp Programs will be offered every year at Cedar Lodge, those programs reflect a small sample of what we offer every day and every week. Cedar Lodge prides itself in allowing our program to be flexible to better mirror not only the skills of the staff that choses to spend their summers with us every summer, but the campers that come to stay with us as well.

Every summer sees a wealth of new and creative programs offered, and the repeat of some old favorites. Some of these are so popular year after year, that they indeed get their own page and the Camp Programs list, and we start seeking out staff just for these programs. Others, are a surprise that is added in on some summers, and not as popular in others. Our ability to be flexible and creative is one of the things that Cedar Lodge is most proud of and a thing that keeps us unique when compared to other camps.

Some programs offered during these times are (but not limited to):

Playing with the Big Ball, Box House Building, Raspberry picking, Commando Hike, Slip and Slide, Story Telling\Writing, Weight Lifting, Horse Washing, Sand Castle Making, Quiet Games, Aerobics, Camp Band, Abs of steel, Yoga, Shelter Building, Mud Football, Car Wash, Photography, Hunker Hauser, Indian Lore, Hanging out
And much much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No list of Special programs would be complete with out a word about Hanging out, on the list above. In our world presently, it seems that our children are so programmed sometimes, that we have to indeed, program play time as well. As many programs as we offer at Cedar Lodge, we believe that having some time to relax and read a book, talk to friends, pet a dog or cat, take a nap, or just hang out, is just as important as everything else we offer. Learning to take your down time, getting to know the people that you are living with, meeting new friends and having a chance to interact, both with campers and with staff is an important part of camp life, as it is an important part of all life. To that end, Cedar Lodge programs an hour every day for a “free hour” in our campers program. Their choice of what they do with this hour. Our requirement is that it is in the general area of camp where staff is there to supervise. Often during this time, you will see campers reading, playing a game of chess, or just hanging out down at the swing set. These activities are supervised by the staff close to those areas and often joined by counselors on their break as well.

General Camp Programs