Rates and Dates

Cedar Lodge Summer Camp, June 23-August 4 2024


Online Applications:

Week 1 and 3 Gold Riding program closed! Week 3 closed for 1 week  girl campers.

 One week campers:

prices guaranteed till January 1, 2024

  • Overnight fee:
    • 7-10 year olds: $1105/week
    • 11-16 year olds: $1146/week
  • Day camper fee one week: $760/week, $150/day for all ages

Two week or longer campers:

prices guaranteed till January 1st, 2024

  • Overnight fee:
    • 7-10 year olds: $1036/week
    • 11-16 year olds: $1076/week
  • Day Camp Fees (multiple weeks): $705/week for all ages

Summer Camp is one to 6 weeks.

Mini-me campers ages 4-6

  • Partial week day camp $150/full day (7:15-5:30),
  • Full week 5 days day camp $760/week

Family Camp

  • 3 day Adventure camp for parent/adult and child.
  • 550 all inclusive fee

Discounts for overnight campers only:

Siblings: each additional child receives 5% discount.

15 and 16 year old discounts:
Senior unit discounts available for campers staying a minimum of 4 weeks. Participating 15 year olds qualify for 110/week discount. Participating 16 year olds qualify for 160/week discount.

Riding & vaulting programs- additional fee

Is your kid horse crazy? Be sure to add one of our riding/vaulting programs to your camper’s stay. Campers must be enrolled in a riding or vaulting program to have riding/vaulting time while they are here.

Riding Programs

Bronze Riding Program

  • Includes: 1 riding lesson/day
  • Availability: All Summer
  • Overnight riding fee: 250/week in addition to camp overnight fees
  • Day camp riding fee: 210.00/week in addition to day camp fees

Silver Riding Program

  • Includes: 1 riding lesson/day, 1 vaulting lesson/day, & 2 Practice rides/week
  • Availability: All summer.
  • Fee: 400.00/wk in addition to camp fees. Day camp prices adjusted for one less day on application

Gold Riding Program
Week 3 2024 Gold Riding program closed!

  • Includes: 2 riding lessons/day, 1 vaulting lesson/day, & 2 practice rides/week
  • Availability: Limited spaces per week.
  • Fee:  600.00/wk in addition to camp fee


Vaulting Programs

Bronze Vaulting Program

  • Includes:  1 vaulting lesson/day
  • Availability: All Summer
  • Fee: 120/week for beginning vaulters, 150/week for skilled vaulters*.  *Skilled vaulters are any vaulters that are proficient at their trot and/or canter vaulters

Gold Vaulting Program

  • Includes: 2 vaulting lessons/day, 1 riding lesson/day, 2 practice rides/week
  • Availability: All Summer
  • Fee: $400/week in addition to camp fees

Other Camp Dates:

At this time we have canceled all off camp trips for 2024

Cedar Lodge Open House: May 5th, 2024
47000 52nd Lawrence, MI 49064

Cedar Lodge Camp Alumni Reunion: TBA
47000 52nd Lawrence, MI 49064

Other Horse Show Dates:

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