Camp Cedar Lodge 2024 June 23-August 4

2024 availability update as of 4/1/24
Week 1-Gold Riding program closed
Week 3-All riding program closed

Week 2,4,5 and 6 All riding programs
Week 1-6 General campers wanting no riding program

Close to closing: Weeks 2,4, and 6 Gold programs all have only 1-2 spots available.

Overnight Summer camp 2024 :: Enroll online today!

Day Summer Camp 2024 :: Enroll online today!

Mini Me Camp 2024 :: Enroll online today!

Family Summer Camp 2024 :: Enroll online today!

Please contact us if you prefer a paper application and we will be happy to provide one upon request.

Paying for your Cedar Lodge Camp fees

Payment through check:

These can be for a deposit, full amount or partial payment as long as full payment is made by April 1st. Make out to “Cedar Lodge Recreational Services” and send to:
Cedar Lodge
PO Box 218
Lawrence, MI 49064

If signing up online and choosing this option, please Contact Us to tell us that the payment is in the mail.

Payment through invoice

When Cedar Lodge receives your invoice, we will send you an email invoice showing your dates for your stay at camp, and how much is owed on your account. If you wish to pay by check, paypal or credit card you have that option, but there is also the option of clicking directly on the invoice and paying directly from your bank account to Cedar Lodge. This option has a 1% charge, and you can pay what you wish on your account until it is paid

Credit Card payments in the U.S.:

Cedar Lodge excepts Paypal and most major credit cards. All paypal and credit card payments will be responsible for an additional 3.5% service charge. Please Contact Us with amount you would like to pay, and we will invoice you to your email account

Payments from International Clients:

Paying through paypal: Everything above applies except for the costs. We charge what paypal charges us for their service. The paypal fees statement for international payments is as follows: “The pricing table above applies to domestic payments in US dollars. There’s an additional 2.5% charge for any currency conversion and a 1% charge to receive payments from another country.”

Paying by Wire Transfer: This can be done directly from your bank account to Cedar Lodge’s bank account. There is usually a charge for this service from both your bank and ours. The amounts vary. Cedar Lodge will only charge you what our bank charges us for this service.

Contact Us if you would like to pay through any of these methods.