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Greetings to all Cedar Lodge Campers and Parents,

In a very short time you will leave the hustle and bustle of your home and start an adventure which we hope you will remember for the rest of your life. You can say that I was raised into camping. My parents were working at camp before I was born and it has always been a part of my summer time experience. I remember being very young, laying in the cabin at night listening to the sounds of frogs croaking and the hoot of an owl, and shuffling off to the shower house late at night while looking up at the sky full of stars or a moon so full it lit up everything as if it were daytime. It was exciting to hear the bell ringing first thing in the morning in unison with the just waking birds, to pull your clothes on quickly and rush down to the dining hall through the fog and dew covered grass for breakfast and another fun filled day.

The summers I spent at camp were never long enough and once I arrived at home I would start making my plans for the following year. I never dreamed that when I got older I would get the privilege of still having camp as such an important part of my life and that I would get to share that special experience with so many new and old campers every year. My wish for you this summer is that camp will always have a special place in your heart and you will come back again and again.

As I read the above letter, written many years past I realize that nothing in what I have written talks about COVID, or addresses the issues we are still facing in 2023. It would be nice to just go with the above and not think about the issue we are currently facing. But that would be impractical. The fact is, the world has changed in the last four years. Change can be frightening, but it is not always bad, in fact, sometimes it leads us to something better. I can’t tell you how we will look back on this coming season, but I CAN tell you that we are dedicated at Cedar Lodge to giving you the story book experience that was described above. We will fight till the end of the day to give your campers the outdoor camping experience they deserve. We did it successfully in 2020, even better in 2021 and 2022 and plan to cruise through 2023. It’s important to us because it is important to our world. Camp is a very special place and a very important place in the development of a child. Now, more than ever. Please join us.

If after reading this ton of material some of your questions haven’t been answered, please email or phone us and we will be happy to answer all of your concerns.

Our Cedar Lodge Staff wait your arrival and are thankful you are able to spend part of your summer with us. We are looking forward to another summer full of surprises and adventures.

Until we meet,

Amy Edwards, Director
[email protected]

For Overnight, Day and Mini-Me Campers. Information you need to read:

Parent Guide 2023


Cedar Lodge Daily Schedule



Camp map 3

In 2023 we will offer helmets and boots rental to beginner riders as we have done in past summers. Riders that are more experienced should plan on supplying their own helmets and boots for camp. All campers will need to plan on purchasing or renting a personal grooming kit from camp or bringing their own from home. If you need to preorder a grooming kit, boots or a helmet, please fill out this form:

Grooming Kit, Helmet, Boot rental

For Overnight, Day and Mini-Me Campers. Information you need to fill out:

above form must be printed out and filled by doctor

2023 Cedar Lodge pre-camp COVID requirements
Above statement is Cedar Lodge’s COVID testing requirements

Camper-Health-History-Form for parents

Waiver and permission to treat


For Overnight Campers only:

Overnight Camper Clothing List

Over Day Campers and Mini-Me Campers only:

Day Camp Clothing List

Day Camp drop off, pick up and daily structure

Riding and Horse related forms:

Riding stuff you need for camp