Summer Camp

Just the Facts:

• Cedar Lodge is a Michigan summer camp. Located in Southwest Michigan; 100 miles from the south side of Chicago, 130 miles from the east side of Detroit.
• Coed
• 60 campers; Family atmosphere
• Ages 7-16
• 1:5 Staff/camper ratio
• Overnight, Day and Mini Me Camps available.
• 1 to 6 week stays
• Diversified General Camp Program
• Strong Riding Program
• Campers select daily programs

What is this thing called “Camp”? Camp is an accumulation of fond memories, renewing friendships and making new ones. Memories of good times, mastered skills and new experiences. Memories of stories told around the campfire, songs sung, sunsets and dinner bells ringing at all times of the day.

Camp is keeping is touch with your bunk mates and reliving the summer all over again. Remembering the fun of those evening swims and volleyball games. Sharing your concerns with your counselors as well as talking about all the good times. Oh, to be a camper again and have that first taste of bug juice, or make that first S’Mores. Looking up in awe and seeing all the stars in the heavens and listening to the crickets as they sing you to sleep at night Camp is a place to grow and develop independence in a loving environment. Come and join us and share in the unique experience they call “Camp”.
-Written by Stella Edwards 1985.

Cedar Lodge is a Home away from Home with more than 50 years of camping experience in a fun, safe, family oriented environment.
We hope you will join us for a happy camping experience.

Overnight Camp:

Cedar Lodge is primarily an overnight coed summer camp offering 6 weeks of residential camp for children from age 7-16. It is small by choice with a capacity of 60 campers. It’s small size allows CL to run more like a large family and guarantees that each camper will get the attention they need. CL runs from Sunday to Sunday and offers a diverse general camp as well as being one of the best riding camps in the United States. The staff is a lively mix of alumni staff and college age American and International students selected for their skill set, experience and passion for working with children. Campers are housed in wooden screened cabins on a hill overlooking camp. All cabins house 1-2 staff and 8-10 campers, depending on the size of the cabins. Overnight campers enjoy several unique experiences that are different from Day Campers, including staying in a cabin overnight, the comradery of cabin mates and a variety of evening program options. For those not wishing the overnight experience, Cedar Lodge offers both Day Camp and Mini Me Camp.

Day Camp:

Offered all 6 weeks for ages 7 -16. Runs Monday to Friday, from 7:30-5:30 and includes 2 meals (breakfast and lunch) and all general camp programs.

Go to Dates and Rates to find costs and dates for Day Camp

Add Riding Programs:

Day campers are welcome to sign up for all the same riding programs as residential campers enjoy. Thier riding camp fees will be discounted for the extra day (Saturday) that they do not participate in. Go to “Camp Riding and Vaulting Programs” for more information.

Mini Me Camp

Day and Residential

What: Day and Residential camp for those young campers that are too young to go to Cedar Lodge’s traditional camp, but still want to come and join in the fun!

When: Offered all summer long Mini Me campers can come all week, as a day camper, or may chose a special 1-3 day mini camp as a  day camper. Mini camp will be available each week of summer camp.  7 year olds that parents feel are ready may opt to join into both the day or  overnight camp.   Check Rates and Dates page for costs.

Ages: 4-7 (must be potty trained to participate in this program)

Includes: Campers will be assigned a staff member that stays with them all day. They will participate in all CL programs including arts and crafts, sports, swimming, boating, hiking, nature, frog catching, riding (lead line), vaulting, and more!

Costs: Includes all activities and riding/lead line rides worked into weekly programming. As Mini Me riding takes more care, we cannot offer minis the option of regular group riding classes, but we realize some Minis are ready to be on their own! Please contact us for special riding pricing if your Mini is ready for one on one instructional riding lessons.

Go to our Dates and Rates page to find out costs, dates and applications for this program