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Arts and Crafts

Our craft shop is one of the busiest places at camp. whether it be the the older camper working on a project that has been ongoing for several weeks, or the camper just looking for something quiet to do, or the younger camper that is maybe a bit homesick, the craft barn has proved to be not only a haven for those looking for a creative outlet, but also a bustle of activity on many different planes.

Several years ago, Cedar Lodge sent out a survey to our campers and parents asking what we could do to improve Cedar Lodge. The overwhelming response was more arts and crafts! We have heard the voice of our family, and over the past several years have worked on improving, adding, and creating a more involved art program. We have hired two instructors with varying skills each summer, to add variety to the program, and every year we work with these staff to add a more advanced program to our list. As in example, in 2005 we bought a kiln, and in 2006, a pottery wheel. We are constantly upgrading just in an effort to keep up with the creativity of our campers!

Our craft programs vary slightly based on the skills and abilities that each new instructor brings in. This makes it impossible to list every activity that we do, however here is a list of the usual:

Basketry\ Ceramics\ Jewelry\Leather work\Nature Craft\Painting\Sketching\Charcoal \Photography\Sculpture\Popsicle Stick art\Friendship Bracelets\Marcrame\Lanyards\Tie dye\Pottery\Book Making\Wood work\Egg Painting\Bag Painting\Face Painting\Paper Mache\Bird Houses and many, many more.

General Camp Programs