General Camp Programs

Boating & Fishing

Kayaks, Canoes, Row Boats, Sail Boats, Paddle Boats, and Playaks are all part of our fleet. Daily lessons in their basic care, handling, strokes and safety are given to assure that all campers that care to, feel confident by the end in handling a boat on their own.


Lake Nicholas is perfect for a beginner\intermediate canoer to take their first attempt at this enjoyable sport. Lessons include not only how to carry, board, support and paddle but also how to trade places, tip and retrieve turned over canoes. Once basic strokes are mastered, campers are welcome to go with two boating instructors to the back part of the lake for a more in depth paddling experience. Advanced canoers are welcome to sign up for one of one or two off grounds canoe trips offered every year. These trips are taken in scenic northern lower Michigan in one of the many scenic rivers of that area. Most of these rivers are part of the Natural River Protection Act which assures their natural habitat for years to come. There is a extra fee for this program, advance sign up is not possible, and sign up is down by age and ability.


One of the newest programs to Cedar Lodge is Sea Kayaking. Cedar Lodge has added Kayaking to it’s list of waterfront craft and offers daily lessons in the care, and handling of these crafts. Open to swimmers that are least intermediate level, this program is opened to campers that have never kayaked before, or those with experience. Beginners learn the basics of entering and exiting and strokes. More advanced students are eligible to learn rolling techniques and go for paddles in Lake Michigan when available.


Cedar Lodge owns a Sun Fish Sail boat, manageable ideally by one or two people, a sunfish is the perfect size for the camp lake. It is small and maneuverable and catches even the smallest of breezes. It is also a perfect size boat for beginner sailors to get their first experience on and intermediates to learn to man themselves.


Cedar Lodge boasts some of the best fishing in South west Michigan. With the ability to control traffic on the camp lake and the ownership of all the land around, Cedar Lodge has been able to assure the water quality and fish population stays at on commonly quality level making Lake Nicholas one of the hot spot fishing lakes for local fisherman given the chance. Record breaking bass have often been caught in the Cedar Lodge lake. Bass, Sun Fish, Crape, Cat Fish, Dog Fish and Northern Pike are the most often caught.


Boating Instructors hired by Cedar Lodge must have a Lifeguard Certification, CPR and First Aid Certification and Small Craft Certification from the American Red Cross. All must have previous extensive boating and teaching experience and all must come to an additional week of training prior to the start of camp. Life Jackets are required for all boating actives.

General Camp Programs