General Camp Programs


Theater is a wonderful place for self expression. Our goal at Cedar Lodge is not to train young actors and thespians and ready them for a life in theater. That being said, we have had several of our past campers come back and list their time at Cedar Lodge as part of the experience that shaped their acting and directing careers………….really!

Our goal more over is to give our campers a chance to experience something that perhaps they haven’t had a chance to experience before. A chance to explore the creative side of their personality, in a comfortable family environment. A chance to take chances and support others doing the same. To that end, drama classes are offered daily. Every week or two, dependent on interest, the campers will put on a small play for our enjoyment.

A major play is usually planned to coincide with Family Day. Many of the plays are written or re-written by the campers, sometimes they are directed by campers as well. Our drama program is varied and far reaching in our program and goes well beyond the plays and classes. Examples of programs that we offer to encourage our campers to experience a bit of Theater are: Skit Nights; Paper Bag Skits; Drama Game Evening Programs; Gong Show; Talent Show; Puppet Shows; Fairy Tale stories and Paper Dolls.

For the more involved drama students, the chance for more advanced productions and improvs. is always an option. Drama campers usually have something to perform to perform for Parent’s Day on Sunday. It may be a one or two act play, an improvisational or something entirely different. They certainly keep us guessing!

The talent of our campers never ceases to amaze us and we delight in being the audience to their many drama endeavors.

General Camp Programs