General Camp Programs

Evening Programs

At Cedar Lodge we offer many different programs during the day. Most of these programs are broken down into groups of 2-10 campers to assure some individual time, and ideal teaching opportunities. It is possible, if a camper is constantly participating in the same activities every day, that they would not get a chance to interact with the other camper at camp. At Cedar Lodge will proud ourselves in the ability to the camp atmosphere as a large extended family. To assure that campers get the opportunity to interact with others that are not in their age group, same sex, or share all there same interests, ourr evening programs are scheduled as all camp activities. Evening Programs vary by active and inactive, small and large group, age related games and all camp activities. We jumble the games intentionally to attempt the best mix as possible..

Examples of Programs are but not limited to;
Treasure Hunt* Capture the Flag* Paper Dolls* Dutch Auction*Scavenger Hunt*Low Initiatives*Paper Bag Skits*Sports Round Robin* Smugglers and Spies*Team Building*Soft Ball, Volley ball or Soccer Game *String Fling*Kangaroo Court*Talent Night*Herbs. And Carns.* Drama Games* And………….Many, Many, Many More!!!!!

Camp Fires:

In addition to the above games, every Saturday night is Camp Fire. This special program is accompanied by a hay ride, camp fire games, skits and stories. There is singing, marshmallow roasting for samoras, and a chance to say farewell after a camp stay.


Every other Friday night is a camp party. This comes with a theme, decorations, costumes, games and music. The theme is added into the day to day classes; arts and crafts work on decorations, dance class works on related dances, drama works on make up and costumes and skits, baking is added for a activity hour, sr. unit helps with set up and tear down. Campers help with music selection. It is truly an exciting time.

General Camp Programs