General Camp Programs

Senior Unit

It is our goal at Cedar Lodge to take the brightest and strongest or our campers and encourage them to come back as staff. To this end we have developed our Sr. Unit programs for the older campers. It has also served as a way for our campers to keep on coming back to camp when many parents are pressuring them to get summer jobs, as they are earning part of their summer camp fees back.

Keeping in mind the skills and personality traits that make a good counselor, the members of sr. unit work with a Senior Unit Counselor. These campers are given hands on experience on work projects designed to improve the camp as well as teach basic work and team skills. Sr. Unit members are responsible for making a certain amount of hours for a discount, keeping a time card with signatures of “Program Heads” and making sure their hours are in at the end of their stay. Older Senior Unit campers are given time in program areas of their interest to better prepare them for future staffing positions.

This program is open to all 14, 15 ,and 16 year old campers. There is a camp discount on fees for any 15 and 16 year old campers who participate in the Senior Unit program and stay for a least a four week period. Discounts available under these conditions include 110/week for 15 year olds, and 160/week for 16 year olds.

For the camper who participates in this program and stay for a shorter period, special privileges are allowed such as staying up later in the evening and being eligible for special trips.

General Camp Programs