Cedar Lodge in 2020 and COVID-19

Greetings from Cedar Lodge!

We are excited that you are considering sending your camper to Cedar Lodge for this summer. Our guess is that primary on most parent’s minds right now is, “Is Cedar Lodge planning on opening camp in 2020?” The quick answer is “YES!” we are if: A) Allowed to by the State of Michigan and B) Capable of following state licensing guide lines to a level that we feel comfortable that we are keeping our campers as safe as we can. To date, the Stare of Michigan has not confirmed yet that they will allow camps to open and state licensing guide lines (which will be working with the ACA and CDC)have not come out. We know that doesn’t give you a complete answer and we’re sorry! But please rest assured that when we know, you will know. Till that time, please check out Cedar Lodge. Spend some time on our web site. See if our camp is a good fit for you and your camper. Ask questions if you have
them. And then, we hope to see you and your camper this summer at Cedar Lodge! Our youth need to get outside, have fun and some semblance of a normal kid’s summer. We hope we can help you with that.

Happy Camping,
Amy Edwards and the Cedar Lodge Staff